Vladislav Efimov
"Safety Factor"
06.06.2011 - 11.06.2011
27, Cork Street, Mayfair, London
Artists: Efimov Vlad.
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Works from the Series "Fragments of Moscow", "ZIL", "Parts of London"

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The idea of the photographic series “Parts of London” was born straight after the show “Fragments of Moscow” and came true only two years later.
Both projects are united by the same principle of photography, and they are identical in sense of relation to the reality, in spite of the cities’ being very different. Moscow and London were chosen as two polarities in “modus vivevndi”, but the polarities are not at all equivalent – one city I leave in, communicate with people, work and walk the same usual routs; the other city is a total stranger to me – there are no points of contact with the world important for me and I’m unable to leave my usual life there, communicate and get the vital for me information. If you add the traditional difference in Russian and English way of leaving, sometimes even leading to suspicious in relationship, the idea to make the English part of the work, based on my Moscow experience will seem strange. At the same time I assume that some photographs from the London and Moscow series could come out similar and without any signs of locality.
The show “Fragments of Moscow” is about prosiness, some of the photographs show the indifferent, routine attitude to the reality by a person, walking the usual city routs and only sometimes vaguely noticing the city itself which is moving alongside. A glance like that is normally directed to the middle part of the space and to the ground and only rarely upwards. The body itself dictates, if there are no vivid attractions or novelty of locality, this attitude to its’ position in a city. Those two works are about non-obligatory looking around and the observer’s reflexes. Thus the mid-point, which we are forced to touch with our eyes, may be hides in itself the main flow of life. Deprived of any borders it includes future thoughts, feelings and ideas.
Potential space in anatomy – is a cavity or a space full of inner organs and filled with all kinds of good liquids. In a machine it is a space between important parts and components. The existence of such non-recognisable interspaces allows the room for life and its’ evolution.
The new work – “Parts of London” supports the idea of mid-point, potential space that gives birth to everything vivid and attractive. In that case there is no need to be curious or search for special effects, the body itself finds the necessary.

Vlad Efimov